Ethics – Business Quote of the Week

Ethics Business Quotes

“To run this business… you need… optimism, humanism, enthusiasm, intuition, curiosity, love, humour, magic and fun and that secret ingredient – euphoria.” – Anita Roddick Anita was talking about her very unique business The Body Shop, but in reality these are qualities that any entrepreneur will need to run their own business successfully. Optimism: Because…

Wealth – Business Quote of the Week

Wealth Business Quotes

“The most successful people are those who take pride in their work, pride in their family… It is great to attain wealth, but money is really just one way – and hardly the best way – to keep score.” – Kemmons Wilson (1913-2003) US entrepreneur and founder of Holiday Inn. It is tempting to see…

Enthusiasm – Business Quote of the Week

Enthusiasm Business Quotes

“A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one.” – Mary Kay Ash, US entrepreneur An unfortunate truth of entrepreneurship that many people will not tell you is that often the best idea for a product or service is not the one that ultimately wins out and…

Should You Be Using a HR Software System in Your Business?


Many small businesses will handle their personnel administration processes, such as attendance tracking, contracts management, appraisals in a make-do and highly distributed system of Excel files, word files, document scans etc… This is not usually a conscious decision; it’s more likely that it has evolved that way through necessity as a result of the time…

The history of email


Nowadays, we take email for granted but many people do not know the history of email and how it came to be such an effective and widely-used communication tool. Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to document a brief history of email, so that people who use it on a day-to-day basis can appreciate just…

Strategy – Business Quote of the Week

Strategy Business Quotes

“I believe that you have to understand the economics of a business before you have a strategy, and you have to understand your strategy before you have a structure. If you get these in the wrong order, you will probably fail.” – Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computers It is surprising how often a business…

Micro Enterprise Revolution!

Tony Robinson

The Small Business Blog’s favourite author Tony Robinson OBE appeared in The Guardian yesterday calling for the state to help kickstart a micro-enterprise revolution. He even gave a shout-out to Stefan Töpfer, the owner of this blog and founder of the WinWeb Hub initiative. (via The Guardian)

Boost Your Business with a Bespoke Veranda


As summer draws to a close, many businesses are tightening their belts in anticipation of lower profits this autumn. The end of summer marks a decline in revenue for businesses for a number of reasons: people are put off by wet, cold weather; parents go out less as they have no children to occupy and…

Infographic: Training Methods


The world of training is undergoing a rapid change. Last year US businesses spent $55 billion on training. This might seem like a very large amount, but when you consider that in 2012 it was $164.2 billion then you can see evidence of a massive decline. But the overall amount of training taking place is…

Research – Business Quote of the Week


“Most of the information we use now is obtained free… and there is no way of knowing anymore whether the information on which we base our own information for distribution is true or false. But that doesn’t seem to mattter; all that matters is that the information comes from a reputable source.” – Joseph Heller,…

Determination – Business Quote of the Week


“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed.” – Booker T. Washington Get talking to any entrepreneur and they will tell you all about the things they had to do to get where they…

Procrastination – Business Quote of the Week


“Most executives have learned that what one postpones, one actually abandons… timing is a most important element in the success of any effort. To do five years later what would have been smart to do five years earlier, is almost a sure recipe for frustration and failure.” – Peter F. Drucker, US management consultant. A…

Entrepreneurship – Business Quote of the Week


“Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking. Running that first shop taught me business is not financial science; it’s about trading: buying and selling.” – Anita Roddick The words “entrepreneur” and “entrepreneurship” are thrown around so often online by people who seemingly have very little…

How to create a Professional Image for your Small Business

How to create a Professional Image for your Small Business

Setting up your own business is a dream for many and a reality for those brave enough to take the initial steps. Having your own business can provide a great deal of satisfaction but it can be hard at the initial stages as you are having to contend with competitors who are often well established…

Sincerity – Quote of the Week


“Managing a business requires a great deal of frankness and openness and you actually lead by being very honest with people.” – Michael Owen Edwardes, British company executive Anyone who has ever owned a business will know that you can’t get very far without being honest, whether it is to your employees, suppliers or customers.…

Three Ingredients for a Successful Commercial Kitchen


For any restaurant, catering company or commercial food outlet, the kitchen is the heart of the operation. Running it effectively and efficiently is vital, and mismanagement can be very costly. Much of the success of your commercial kitchen can depends on the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen space. Get this right and you’ll have…

Boost Office Morale with These Inexpensive Tips

Woman Having Birthday at Work

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to raise company profits, try raising employee morale. We’ve all heard that satisfied employees are more productive but new research by the University of Warwick proves it – a study of over 700 participants found that happiness boosted productivity by 12%. While happy employees help businesses perform…

Training – Quote of the Week


“I used to always say ‘I never went to business school and I never read a business book’. But now I think maybe I should have read a few.” – Oprah Winfrey Oprah is one of the most successful female business executives ever with an entirely self-made empire, but even she can recognise the importance…

Why working hard and doing a good job is NOT (necessarily) a recipe for success

Businessman Overwhelmed with Paperwork

Do you remember that friendly, caring, loving parental advice you received about working hard and doing a good job? I would think most of us have had that talk at some point in our childhood. (If you didn’t then hopefully it was because you had super smart parents who realised that it might not be…

Online Invoicing App CurdBee To Shutdown As Users Move To


A reimagined approach to online invoicing, Hiveage is a secure, cloud-based billing platform that saves small business owners an average of two days per month and enables them to grow their businesses up to 20 percent annually by reducing the costly, time-consuming administrative tasks associated with billing and invoicing. (via Hiveage)

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