May 2006
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Day May 8, 2006

Stuart Jones and the Westmoreland Gazette

Stuart Jones has an arrangement with the Westmoreland Gazette, this is great news for Stuart. He is clearly an accountant who has a tremendous interest not only in his practice, but also in the wider business issues of his home area the Lake District.I join in with Dennis Howlett in congratulating Stuart on his great effort and showing us all how it's done.

Not all accountants are created equal (how do you choose an accountant)

This is where I would definitely look for an accountant who belongs to a professional body, and holds a current and up to date practicing certificate, at least this way I would know this ‘stranger’ has gone through a certain standard of training and will have had to achieve a minimum level of experience before being admitted to membership.... In summary, if you know someone who uses an accountant they are happy with meet them first, next find an accountant who understands your industry and finally if you have to make a selection on your own, then meet and interview at least three accountants before making your choice, remembering their membership of a professional body affords you some protection.

Virtual Assistants provide valuable support to your business.

To you it means savings on your HR expenditure, this helps to keep overheads low.A Virtual Assistant can assist you in the area of his/her specialization, such as market research, credit control, public relations, marketing, payment follow-ups, designing, secretarial services, telephone answering and more. This all comes back to my belief that small business does need a services infrastructure delivered over the internet, so that they can concentrate on developing the business, and do not have all their time taken up by admin tasks.

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