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Day May 9, 2006

Blogging for small business, not convinced, read on …

What makes Heather different to other small business owners is the way in which she has embrassed technology for marketing, she does this through her blog this is a great way to stay in touch with your customers (and find new ones), it also gives customers an insight into who you are and what you are about. Heather doesn’t stop at her blog though, oh no, Heather has gone further with her marketing strategy and has added podcasts (mini interviews you can listen to), this is truly fantastic, through technology Heather is able to communicate with her customers in such an open, and in many instances two way method of communication, this is just great marketing.

Cash-flow Reality Gaming

It would be a futile undertaking to get clients to analyze their business by means of a monthly "Profit & Loss" statement, for two reasons:It would be too involved for the average small business owner to do, certainly in the beginning;it would only analyze the past there would be no planning involved.I think a good way forward would be cash-flow forecasting, you are able to estimate your expenditure and income on a per month (or even per week) basis. But it does a couple of other things too: It sharpens the mind in terms of fixed cost (overheads), once you put the same amount in every month, you begin to ask yourself, do I need this or can I get it another way (outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, down-sizing, etc.);It will show you very quickly what happens if you move a payment or a receipt from one month to the next, which helps you in your negotiations of payment terms with your suppliers and clients, and shows up the bad apples in your client basket;Plan your business expansion, find out if you can afford it or not and how much more business at which payment terms you need to cover the cost for the expansion;Compare the plan with the actual expenditure and income figures and learn from your mistakes, adjust the plan and become more realistic about your business performance.

Evolution of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Your accountant, if it's a good one, will not only tell you but explain it to you.The same is true for other "Virtual Assistants": Call answering, typing, credit control, etc. There are so many dedicated professional people out there, mainly working from home.... services provides a low cost, well looked after (accountant), and very versatile business infrastructure that does lower new business mortality rates and lowers the business start-up barrier.BTW, I read a great post the "Entrepreneurship Gap" yesterday.

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