May 2006
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Day May 10, 2006

SME / SMB Have Become Obsolete Acronyms

SAP, Oracle may consider a $100-200M million business small, but it really is midsized, the "M" in SME, with a few hundred employees and a dedicated IT department that will likely need help with software implementation, but will cope with the ongoing maintenance themselves.One could define the "S" part, i.e. small businesses in terms of revenue or headcount, but to me a more important criteria is that they typically do not have permanent IT staff on hand.... There is simply no better choice for this group than SaaS - Software as a Service.The third category in my mind is the very-very small business, possibly with 1-5 employees, who are likely all do-it-all types, focus on their core product / service, and may be struggling with not only IT, but some of the standard processes of running a business.

Accountant type – bookkeeper accountant or business advisor accountant?

The interesting thing about that is, most other accountants who say ‘oh no my client is used to Sage etc.’, well how do you explain that we are moving clients off a static version of Sage on their PC and onto winweb with all the benefits of our real-time support without any complaints, after all they are guided by their accountants advice not the other way round– so lets be honest the barrier is not the clients, it is the accountants who feel safe with Sage etc., clients don’t care!... I think to use Sage or other boxed products is no problem at all.If on the other hand you have a business start-up, a growing business and you want to see your numbers in real time, then the bookkeeping accountant can only offer this service with an on-demand, online Software as a Service product.Here both partners can work together in real time and a lot of IT headaches are taken from them, the benefits a manyfold.

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