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Day May 12, 2006

Plymouth Beware.

If we get an enquiry from a client for an area with out partner, we have Rachael & Gina, who try to find an accountant for our client. This morning we had an enquiry from Plymouth!Rachael & Gina, sprang into action to find someone to service our client (the deal: free client, on free software, free to use for the accountant with all the SaaS benefits) or in other words some lucky accountant ( or so we thought) who was going to get a new client, with a little effort.

Business Start-up Beware!

The bad news is that since April what looks like an excellent scheme has lost the DTI funding that ensured it was a free, nationally available service.... In part these were most properly build with tax money from the small business sector, which the government ignores.I am having a "beware" day today!

Entrepreneur – I am working by myself.

You will gain all the benefits from using an online on-demand software service for all your business needs.This not only allows you to work with you accountant online in real time, and play my favorite game: Cash-Flow Reality Gaming.... And the good news is with SaaS you can work with them as if they where in the "office" next door.Most of them will understand your needs very well, because guess what - they are working for themselves too.

Construction Industry Beware!

This morning I just have a short note for you, go and read the post "A Warning to the Construction Industry" by Stuart.The mind boggles when considering, the government is getting more and more desperate to fund it's enormously inefficient departments with ever more draconian measures. Do these people understand that they are killing business and with that the future income of the country?Anyway, have a look!

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