Business Start-up Beware!

Following on from my earlier post about Stuart from Business Matters, here is another prime example how government fails small business. Andrew Stone writes in Times Online today about business mentoring, here a short part of it to wet your appetite (or not):

[…] The bad news is that since April what looks like an excellent scheme has lost the DTI funding that ensured it was a free, nationally available service. It is now funded on a region by region basis and there’s no guarantee that you will be able to take advantage of the scheme. […]

As I said in my post, who is going to pay taxes, once all multinational (GM and others) closed the big factories down. In part these were most properly build with tax money from the small business sector, which the government ignores.

Good job more and more accountants are offering a small business and business start-up advice service, to help the PreEntrepreneur, IntraPreneur and Entrepreneur.

I am having a “Beware” day today! 😉

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