Entrepreneur – I am working by myself.

The business is you, and you need to be mobile. Mobility is paramount to your success, but every time you are out of the “office” and not reachable, your business stops.

This means no continuation of new business, either you have too much on or nothing at all. Or maybe you are too busy all the time and your admin side of the business suffers. You are right to be concerned about fixed overheads you may find difficult to maintain.

After all your business should make you money and give you the job satisfaction. It is much nicer to run a business without financial worries and a healthy income. If you are working from home it’ll be even better, because your overall overheads are very low and you start making money very soon.

If any of this sounds like you then, SaaS – Software as a Service is for you, a great way to streamline your IT needs and your overheads. You will gain all the benefits from using an online on-demand software service for all your business needs.

This not only allows you to work with you accountant online in real time, and play my favorite game: Cash-Flow Reality Gaming. No, you also have access to a range of other professionals (Call handling, mail hold, web-design, marketing / PR, project managers, and so on), which will help you when you need the help, they usually work for a fair hourly rate, no fixed overheads. And the good news is with SaaS you can work with them as if they where in the “office” next door.

Most of them will understand your needs very well, because guess what – they are working for themselves too. This makes our OnlineOffice your ideal partner for this kind of operation.

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