Plymouth Beware.

I just had another “Beware” moment. As an accounting software vendor we have clients who call us up and ask us to help them find an accountant in their area. Not big numbers yet, but steadily increasing. In some areas we do not have partner accountants yet.

If we get an enquiry from a client for an area with out partner, we have Rachael & Gina, who try to find an accountant for our client. This morning we had an enquiry from Plymouth!

Rachael & Gina, sprang into action to find someone to service our client (the deal: free client, on free software, free to use for the accountant with all the SaaS benefits) or in other words some lucky accountant ( or so we thought) who was going to get a new client, with a little effort. Small client, but wants also business advice, about £300 to £600 p.a., I guess.

15 calls later, NO one wanted the business! Did we do something wrong? Unbelievable, 100% of the accountants we called so far had no interest in a new client. We do NOT ask for any commission or anything like that, totally FOC for the accountant and client. All advertised that they deal with small business.

Reminds me of what Jason said a couple of days ago. Seems to me that our free accountant search database on our Homepage, will have an empty spot in Plymouth, when it is launched next month.

BTW, we are still looking for accountant partners in a number of areas, so if you are interested, especially if you live in or around Plymouth, have a look at our accountant micro-site.

16/06Update: I am happy to report that we found not only one but two great accounting firms that have taken up the challenge to accept clients of ours into their practice. That brings the total of partner firms in the UK to seventy plus. Soon we will be able to offer our clients local accountants everywhere in the UK.

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