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Day May 14, 2006

TiEcon 2006: From 0 to 60 : Ramp it Up with Low Bucks – Bootstrapping Startups

I spent Friday and Saturday at TiEcon 2006, a Silicon Valley gathering of close to 4000 Entrepreneurs and their "ecosystem".  I’m posting some of my notes on my personal blog, and in case I feel it fits the theme of The Small Business Blog, I will repost those notes here. Jeff Clavier’s bootsrapping panel is…

OnlineOffice, the green option for small business.

If you consider the number of small businesses run from home alone make a big difference, for example all these business people do not travel to and from work / office on our over-stretched road network.Our clients take this even further by using our SaaS solutions and Live services, this allows them to positively impact our environment and help their cost structure at the same time. By creating virtual office networks with their accountants, accessing their information online,coworkers, also working from home utilizing SaaS - Software as a Service,virtual assistants, also using the SaaS infrastructure to provide time shared live services,small business has a tremendous impact on the environment.

Service Notification: UK Web-server intermittent outage.

This affected our UK customers only.Reason: One of our web-servers had what we now know a memory module failure, which resulted in a shutdown of the web services on this web server.Our action: A DNS and firewall change was automatically initiated and the full web-services were restored with our hot standby web server. The faulty hardware was replaced and the web server is now online again and acts as the new hot standby server, while undergoing further online testing.Effect: Due to this hardware failure some clients trying to reach this particular web-server, may have had to refresh the home-page to get to the second web-server to log-in.

WinWeb Business Cloud - Creating Financially Sustainable Businesses