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You can read it in all the papers at the moment, that it is important for business to be more environmentally friendly. The Environment Agency is running ads with the following message:

Are you fully up to date with your environmental obligations?

If you are a small business in the UK, the chances are that you may not be!

There is certainly a need for all of us to do what ever we can to help the environment. The Environment Agency is offering advice on the regulations on their website, log on to But is this really a fair statement?

Here is the thing, our clients are doing more for the environment than they probably realize themselves. If you consider the number of small businesses run from home alone make a big difference, for example all these business people do not travel to and from work / office on our over-stretched road network.

Our clients take this even further by using our SaaS solutions and Live services, this allows them to positively impact our environment and help their cost structure at the same time. By creating virtual office networks with their

  • accountants, accessing their information online,
  • coworkers, also working from home utilizing SaaS – Software as a Service,
  • virtual assistants, also using the SaaS infrastructure to provide time shared live services,

small business has a tremendous impact on the environment. At the same time saving hundreds of £’s and many hours of time every month.

So not only do our OnlineOffice clients benefit from all the SaaS benefits, no they are helping the environment at the same time.

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