Branding, who are you?

Now I hear you all shout he’s an accountant; what does he know about branding, well probably as much as anyone running a small business, I know it’s important and can be used very successfully to set you apart from the competition.

I have decided to use Coca-Cola as my example. Coca-Cola is probably one of the most well known and successful drink brands out there with the red and white Coca-Cola logo being instantly recognizable.

So, what makes Coca-Cola a great example of branding, simple, it has a product range that sells, but that’s not enough to keep you at the top, over the years they have added to the range but at all times keeping their strong brand identity that is Coca-Cola.

Now imagine my surprise when at the weekend I read that Coca-Cola is about to launch a new drink in the UK, but this time with a new look, not the traditional red and white we are used too, no this time they are launching a drink aimed at a young male audience and for that they need something different, something more, well something more manly I guess.

Coca-Cola Zero, it’s a ‘zero’ sugar drink aimed at a young, male audience who view Diet Coke as a ‘girls’ drink.

For Coca-Cola Zero they have ditched the usual can colour schemes, yes they have kept the red Coca-Cola logo, after all it’s a well known brand label why would you change that, but this time its on an all black can, giving a more masculine look to their product.

Branding, it something that makes you, your company or your products instantly recognizable.

Do you have a brand identity?

Start with a company logo, then build your brand identity on the back of this new look, you don’t have to be Coca-Cola to do this.

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