Business advisor accountant: Stuart Jones

While I talk about accountant types, some accountants are out there doing it.

stuart.jpgOne of them is Stuart, of 3CA in the Lake District. In his latest post he is asking the question: “Who is running your business?” He has this advice for his clients:

1. Make sure you plan what will happen in your business rather than allow the bank to set the rules.
2. Make sure you know “at a glance” what the business owes and what it is owed. Not forgetting that it is not enough to be owed the money you must make sure your customers pay on time.
3. Ask your accountant how he can help. If the answer doesn’t include phrases such as “cash flow”, “good records”, “regular meetings to discuss your progress” go and find a “business advisor accountant”.

Yesterday he had a great post titled: Why you need an accountant who is “aggressive”. In this post he had the following advice for small business:

Believe me, more than ever , it is VITAL that you have an “aggressive” accountant.

Great stuff, it is good to see that all is well for small business in Kendal, Lake District.

Hopefully we will be able to find more business advisor accountants, like Stuart, to help small business when we launch our accountant directory in July, we are at seventy plus accountant partners and counting.

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