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Safari001_web.gifWhen do you need support? Is it really between 9 to 5, or is it after hours? Well, usually when I call for support, I get a message like this: ” These offices are now closed……dribble, dribble.”

I am usually busy during the day, dealing with my customers, on the phone, and generally running my business. At five the phone goes silent and I start my admin work, or look for new products to use in my business. If it wasn’t for the internet all I would get for my support or information needs, is the aforementioned dribble.

Winweb has been offering chat-support for four years and 24 hour, 7 days a week live online chat support for 2 years, and it is completely free of charge. Admittedly it is only 1st level support and emergency 2nd level support, but it has made allot of difference. Our services are numerous, and that can be daunting for clients. Not only have we been able to help our clients, but we are learning first hand were the difficulties lay.

It is all easy for us, we created the applications, and it has to be said as a vendor you become “system blind”. Now our clients receive the help they need around the clock, and we receive help from our clients with our “system blindness”.

As far as our AccountsOffice, is concerned, it also stops you using your accountant for software support. They will have to charge you, and you could most probably spend your money better with your accountant then for software support.

Great solution for everyone, it’s a proverbial win-win situation.

I always wondered why not every vendor is offering 24×7 live support, free of charge? Maybe this would be a way to offer real customer support for your clients too?

If you are interested in this issue further please also go to our forum and help us to improve our service even more.

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