SaaS Benefit Number 1: No Software Installation.

photoman051100053.jpgI’ve decided to write a little mini series of posts of the next few weeks to look at the benefits of using SaaS – Software as a Service technology. Some of the benefits are WinWeb specific, but were only possible by using this technology.

SaaS is a relatively new software concept that allows you to “consume” software as a subscription, like for a magazine. The software is made available to you via your browser ( IE, Firefox, Safari and other browsers), but the benefits of this may not always so obvious.

Benefit Number 1:

You do NOT need to install the software, you open your browser log in and get to work. It is that simple!

This has several advantages for you. There is no problem with getting the software to work in the first place. Often when you install software, you see the little software loading bar, slowly go across the screen, while you sit there and wonder if it is going to work or if it is not. This problem does not exist for you anymore when using SaaS software.

Since your printer already works with your browser, it will also work with your SaaS application, no need to interfere.

How many hours have we all been sitting in front of the computer screen, pulling our hair out, over some problem a software installation caused. It does not matter if you use your computer for business or not, this time is wasted unproductively.

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