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Day May 18, 2006

Business advisor accountant: Philip Woodgate

Having started my series the other day with Stuart Jones, I think it to be a good point to introduce accountants who obviously share my passion for SaaS and have the business advisor approach. SaaS - Software as a Service is such an integral part of business success today, that you can not afford to be hampered in you business development by old technology or by outdated accountant - client relationships.This post is about Philip Woodgate.

SaaS Benefit Number 2: Software runs on Linux, Mac and Windows

This is the second part of my SaaS benefits mini series of posts:Benefit Number 2: Apple Mac OS, Linux, Unix or Microsoft Windows, SaaS run on any computer platform with internet connection.This has to be one of the greatest benefits of the SaaS - Software as a Service technology, you do not have to worry about which operating system you run on your computer, which release of it, how old your computer is, or what system your coworkers are using.Again you just log in, give your coworkers access and they can work with your SaaS application, without any problem, even if they use a different computer platform, it does not matter.Maybe you always wanted to change your computer to a different platform, from Windows to Mac maybe, with SaaS that is not a problem. You will be surprised how many applications exist already.If you are interested to discuss this topic in more detail please visit, or leave a comment.

TiEcon 2006: Software Luminaries Panel : The Software Richter Scale: 1, 3 or 7?

I see that Stefan started a mini-series on the benefits of SaaS – the Software as a Service model. I thought it would be interesting to insert here my notes from the  Software Luminaries Panel at TiEcon 2006, a Silicon Valley, California Entrepreneurial Conference I attended last weekend..  While Stefan’s series will obviously look at…

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