Business advisor accountant: Philip Woodgate

This is going to be another series (noticed how I did not say “mini” series) about small business advisor accountants. Having started my series the other day with Stuart Jones, I think it to be a good point to introduce accountants who obviously share my passion for SaaS and have the business advisor approach. SaaS – Software as a Service is such an integral part of business success today, that you can not afford to be hampered in you business development by old technology or by outdated accountant – client relationships.

phil.JPG.jpgThis post is about Philip Woodgate. He is a Chartered Accountant and Partner of Goodman Jones LLP, based in London. He is dishing out great advice on his SME Blog, like:

[…] Every business must make a profit. But even profitable businesses can fail if customers don’t pay on time since they may not have the cash in the bank to meet their own bills. Every month, identify customers who haven’t paid you on time, known as “aged debtors”, and chase them. Remember that you are in business to make money and not to lend it – you are not a bank!” […]

You should really spend the time and have a look. They are using an SaaS accounting product called Twinfield, nobody is perfect. 😉

But with the kind of business advice, you are in good hands and small business can flourish.

BTW, if you know of an accountant who uses technology and sensible advice, let me know and I will talk about him or her.

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