Get Ready For Disaster.

CarolinaSmit050700003.jpgJeff Cornwell, in the States has written a post titled “Get Ready” for small business. This was triggered by the latest storm forecast for the US, which makes for unpleasant reading.

But not only a hurricane, flood or other natural disasters can destroy your business, so his advice is a timely reminder for all of us to get ready for a fire or a burglary. So here is Jeff’s question:

Ask yourself: what if the worst happened? How would it affect my business and my family? Would we survive if the business were closed down for weeks, months, or perhaps my entire revenue season? What can I do to make sure we survive?
Be a little pessimistic now, and assume it CAN happen to you. Develop a Disaster Plan for your home or business now so you can rest a little more easily in the future.

In short you should read this post and get ready! SaaS technology can be an effective part of your disaster planning.

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