Business Advisor Accountant: Jason Holden

Jason_A._Holden.JPG.jpgJason Holden is a qualified accountant in the UK and Australia. His first career choice was surfing “bum” in Australia, but luckily his wife Nicola saw the potential in him, so he became an business advisor accountant. That is lucky for us, …..may not be so lucky for him. 😉

He is based in Lancashire and has been one of the early adopters of SaaS – Software as a Service technology. This allows him to help clients all over the UK. His motto is:

‘We advise a lot of new businesses, this is something I personally enjoy immensely, although it’s not the easiest of advice to give. There is so much to know, from what structure you take, are you better as a limited company or sole trader, what about a bank account, which bank should you use, what records do you need to keep and for whom are they being kept, what insurances do you need, the list of questions goes on, but the best part for me is new start-ups are like a sponge they soak up new ideas and I find more often than not they teach me new things!”

And I must say from what I can see he is very successful with what he does. Jason also is a guest author here on my blog so you can find more advise from him here on my blog, here are some of the posts:

It is good to see that more and more accountants are ready to offer a much needed service to their clients, business advice. This breed of accountant can add real value to the client by getting involved with small business and help them to survive. That is one reason why we made Jason in one of our Gold Partners.

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