Service Notification: Planned Maintenance 31.05.2006 – ID. 22152

As a reminder, overnight between the hours 20:00 hrs on 31st May 2006 and 06:00 hrs of the 1st June 2006 we are adding new connections to increase the bandwidth and resilience to our network and a second live router.

Reason: The second core router is added to enhance data thru-put and network resilience, by distributing our connections to our current four upstream providers onto two core routers. So if one goes down, we will not loose our service. At the same time we are adding another upstream to further enhance our network performance.

Effect: In the early morning hours of the 1st of June, our connectivity will go up and down for about two hours and due to the changes in our routing you may experience slow service or even “host unreachable” messages for up to eight hours (routing update time) after that. The improved service will be fully operational by 09:00 on the June 1st.

Note: This will affect all clients, including white label services.

We apologize for any inconvenience to you, and should you have any further questions please contact customer care (live support).

Any updates to this ticket will be available on our forum –> WinWeb Forum –> Announcements –> Ticket 22152.

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