WinWeb’s AccountsOffice Reviewed On AccountingWeb

Nigel Harris of AccountingWeb has reviewed our AccountsOffice, his review was based on version 3-1-11.

While Nigel found the our AccountsOffice easy to use he had found some niggles:

There’s a glitch in the drop-down menu system – blue drop down data entry boxes in, eg, ‘Suppliers: pay a bill’, interfere with the main drop down menu – they just block it out – which could be a problem on screens with lots of these, such as the itemised sales invoice creation screen. The demo company came ready set up for VAT, but I couldn’t find an option to delete the VAT registration or to set up a non-VAT registered business. And for an online system, I was disappointed at the lack of drill down facilities, not just from the initial summary page, but also from reports – would it really have been that difficult to create a hot link from, say, the aged debtor report to the underlying debtor account and invoice details?

We have taken some of these niggles on board and are changing these as I write this. Some of these issues will be addressed in the version 3-2 release later this week or early next week. While some are more involved, and will be addressed in future releases, but latest for our release 4-0 in the later part of the year.

Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming to help us improve our product. Thank you Nigel for your time.

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