Accountancy Age Awards 2006 – Best Use of Internet: Practice

AAAwards.gifWe are proud to announce our sponsorship of the “Accountancy Age – Best Use of Internet: Practice” award. As internet technology advances, accounting practices embrace this technology to provide better and more proactive services to their clients. We would like you to join us in honouring the achievements of those innovative accounting practices.

Many of these services have been around for some time for the medium and large clients of accounting practices. With the advent of the internet, broadband and SaaS – Software as a Service technology, to name but a few, these services are now available to micro and small business.

The challenge is to deliver not only the technology, but also knowledge and services to clients. We believe the accountant in todays networked business world has a much larger role to play, by providing business advice and financial controller services to their clients on an ad hoc basis.

This provides micro and small business with real time and on-demand expertise on a scale not seen before. Because of cost constraints, this client sector has always been the most demanding and difficult area to work in. By use of technology and practice expertise it is possible to provide a small business infrastructure not seen before, and with that a decline in small business mortality.

We are here to celebrate those practices, large or small, who have shown the foresight and innovative spirit to enhance client success by internal and external client based internet technology use in practice.

We are delighted to sponsor practices who share our vision and determination to make use of technology for a healthier and more vibrant entrepreneurial business infrastructure.

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