SaaS Benefit Number 4: Anywhere @ Anytime.

photoman051100055.jpgIn this forth part of my SaaS – Software as a Service mini series, I am looking at one of the most important aspects of this technology. BTW, you can find a link to the previous posts in this series at the end of this post.

Benefit Number 4:

You can access all your data and your applications worldwide, or in other words Anywhere @ Anytime.

This enables very small business to stay in contact with their “office” almost all the time. This Online Office has a profound impact on the mobility of very small business. Often the owner of the business fulfills all, or many key functions in the business, mobility is not only a nice to have, but a must have. While the owner is out selling, working, traveling, etc., it is still possible to stay in touch with the business.

It does not matter if you have an office or work from home, nor does it matter if you have your own staff or outsource. Because not only you can access your office from anywhere @ anytime, your staff or virtual assistants can too. This in turn allows you to grow your business, while controlling your overheads. Not to mention your accountant, who can give you real time, on-demand advice.

Not to mention, that if you have an office, it is nice to be able to go home see the family and maybe later when the kids are in bed put a couple of hours extra work in, for that meeting tomorrow. This helps you to feel less guilty about the little time you spend with your family, but you gain the vital support from your family for your business.

I am sure there are more good points to me made here, but I guess you get the picture. If you are interested to discuss this topic in more detail please visit, or leave a comment.

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