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I thought I share with you some technical information in another little series of posts called “TechTIP”. Anything to do with IT and related issues in a non-geeky way.

First up I give you some links to software download sites where you can look at software from commercial vendors, and from free or shareware vendors. The only quality difference is often the lack of marketing skills of the free and shareware vendors, but the software can be surprisingly good. So before you spend you hard earned cash, look at these sites.

download001.gifIf you know of any more sites please leave a comment for me and my readers., is one of them, you can find software in all kinds of categories and for Macs and Windows, even your palm computer. On the web site you can find out which software is free, sharware or commercial software. It gives you a good overview of what is available and you can easily compare features. If you focus on the features you need, you can safe yourself some money., is my personal favorite download site. Again you can find software for Mac, Linux and Windows. It does basically the same as, I just prefer the presentation of the software and the navigation of the website is easier.

These sites are very good for special utilities like anti-spy software, etc., but most of all allot of the software is FREE!

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