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24 Hour Live Online Support, 7 Days a Week.

If it wasn't for the internet all I would get for my support or information needs, is the aforementioned dribble.Winweb has been offering chat-support for four years and 24 hour, 7 days a week live online chat support for 2 years, and it is completely free of charge.... They will have to charge you, and you could most probably spend your money better with your accountant then for software support.Great solution for everyone, it's a proverbial win-win situation.I always wondered why not every vendor is offering 24x7 live support, free of charge?

Cutting the risk, cost and time to enter new markets for small business

Either way, getting into export is a risky enterprise.And, as if these considerations weren’t worrying enough for companies looking to move into export, there’s the fact that new exporters can often run into financial trouble because they greatly underestimate the time it takes to start selling in new markets.... This approach offers: Customer and product registrationCustomer care and 1st Level Support in the local marketComplete business admin infrastructureDirect sales channel through online meansEven finding the distributor for the products.By using a VA - Virtual Assistant, you not only gain the local services, but also a representative with local business knowledge, but also local customs and traditions.

Business advisor accountant: Stuart Jones

If the answer doesn’t include phrases such as “cash flow”, “good records”, “regular meetings to discuss your progress” go and find a “business advisor accountant”.Yesterday he had a great post titled: Why you need an accountant who is "aggressive". In this post he had the following advice for small business:Believe me, more than ever , it is VITAL that you have an "aggressive" accountant.Great stuff, it is good to see that all is well for small business in Kendal, Lake District.Hopefully we will be able to find more business advisor accountants, like Stuart, to help small business when we launch our accountant directory in July, we are at seventy plus accountant partners and counting.

Selling online – your questions answered

Having said that, most products and even services can be sold online and today’s sophisticated systems, such as Winweb Shop, make the set up and maintenance of your online shop very easy.Frequently Asked Questions about selling onlinea) How much does the set up of an online shop cost?Set up and maintenance cost for your online shop differ vastly depending on which supplier you choose.... Checklist for your online shop Which products / services do you want to sell online?Will you sell only to UK residents, other countries or worldwide?How will you send your goods to your customers?For each product: 100 word description, 500 word description, professional picture, price.Terms and conditions for your customers?Who in your company will look after fulfillment of online orders?How much business do you expect to come through the website?What is your return and refund policy?Where will you promote your new shop?

Branding, who are you?

Now I hear you all shout he’s an accountant; what does he know about branding, well probably as much as anyone running a small business, I know it’s important and can be used very successfully to set you apart from the competition.I have decided to use Coca-Cola as my example. Coca-Cola is probably one of the most well known and successful drink brands out there with the red and white Coca-Cola logo being instantly recognizable.So, what makes Coca-Cola a great example of branding, simple, it has a product range that sells, but that’s not enough to keep you at the top, over the years they have added to the range but at all times keeping their strong brand identity that is Coca-Cola.Now imagine my surprise when at the weekend I read that Coca-Cola is about to launch a new drink in the UK, but this time with a new look, not the traditional red and white we are used too, no this time they are launching a drink aimed at a young male audience and for that they need something different, something more, well something more manly I guess.Coca-Cola Zero, it’s a ‘zero’ sugar drink aimed at a young, male audience who view Diet Coke as a ‘girls’ drink.For Coca-Cola Zero they have ditched the usual can colour schemes, yes they have kept the red Coca-Cola logo, after all it’s a well known brand label why would you change that, but this time its on an all black can, giving a more masculine look to their product.Branding, it something that makes you, your company or your products instantly recognizable.Do you have a brand identity?Start with a company logo, then build your brand identity on the back of this new look, you don’t have to be Coca-Cola to do this.

Top 10 common mistakes when setting up your first website

Although this statement might be true, the reason for having a website should be that it can perform several useful functions: Information about your business is available to everyone anytimeCommunication with your clients and prospects can be simplified (not only because they know where to find your phone number)You might be able to offer extensions to your products onlineStrengthen customer relationships with add-ons, tips & tricks, manuals, etcAll this means that you should only have a website with a clear function.... Distracting gimmicksIf you were introduced to the Internet in the early 90’s you will remember the vast amount of personal home pages packed with animated images of folding envelopes, digging ‘under construction’ signs, flashing, d ripping, curling lines and buttons and all sort of other gimmicks that look ‘cool’ the first time you realize they are possible.

The Internet – a supermarket or a business tool?

The next step is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), which allows you to carry data and in formation without having to carry a laptop.... The benefits are clear: Data accessible and editable anytime, anywhereData constantly backed up in remote locationIntegrated online tools avgoiding data duplicationSharing of data between multiple users24 hour access to data for customers and suppliersOne interface for all your communicationWith the speedy development of mobile phone technology it will very soon be possible to access all your business intelligence not only through a PC but also through your phone or PDA.Winweb OnlineOffice was designed to use the flexibility and accessibility of the Internet for business intelligence.

5 deadly mistakes when starting a business

CNN Money's article 5 deadly mistakes when starting a business puts reasons for failure as follows: Too little cashThinking smallSkimping on techUnderestimating the importance of salesLosing focusHow many professional accountants can truthfully say they are qualified to address all the issues CNN identifies?... If you can't provide answers to all these questions do you know people who can?Above everything though, understand that if you struggle with enunciating answers, imagine how tough it is for a startup entrepreneur to successfully negotiate business roadblocks?

TiEcon 2006: From 0 to 60 : Ramp it Up with Low Bucks – Bootstrapping Startups

I spent Friday and Saturday at TiEcon 2006, a Silicon Valley gathering of close to 4000 Entrepreneurs and their "ecosystem".  I’m posting some of my notes on my personal blog, and in case I feel it fits the theme of The Small Business Blog, I will repost those notes here. Jeff Clavier’s bootsrapping panel is…

OnlineOffice, the green option for small business.

If you consider the number of small businesses run from home alone make a big difference, for example all these business people do not travel to and from work / office on our over-stretched road network.Our clients take this even further by using our SaaS solutions and Live services, this allows them to positively impact our environment and help their cost structure at the same time. By creating virtual office networks with their accountants, accessing their information online,coworkers, also working from home utilizing SaaS - Software as a Service,virtual assistants, also using the SaaS infrastructure to provide time shared live services,small business has a tremendous impact on the environment.

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