June 2006
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Day June 2, 2006

New Guest Blogger on The Small Business Blog: Kathie Thomas

If any woman contacts her to say they could not work at home because of the children, she is quick to point out that as a mother of five daughters, her family were the very reason why she chose to make her business work at home. Winner of 8 awards for her business practice, Kathie not only provides secretarial and administrative support to small business owners, she also speaks publicly at events teaching people how to set up business at home.

You Know Wikis Have Arrived When ….

You Know Wikis Have Arrived When …. they become the feature post in your regular junk mail – this time from an Executive Recruiter firm: What in the World is a "Wiki"? If you don't know what a Wiki is, you probably should. The term "Wiki" refers to both a collaborative site on the web…

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