New Guest Blogger on The Small Business Blog: Kathie Thomas

I am delighted to announce another addition to my guest blogger panel. Jason, Dennis, Zoli and I will be joined by Kathie. She will help with down to earth business ideas and experience in the Virtual Assistant arena.

kathiea300w.jpgKathie M. Thomas lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the founder of the Virtual Assistant industry in Australia. Secretary of the Year in 1994, she tooking her prize package (MS Office softtware) home and set up business as a homebased secretary. Not long after, the Internet reared its head for business in Australia, and Kathie was a quick adopter of the new technology. Before long she found herself mentoring and assisting other women who wanted to do what she was doing – work at home so they could care for their families at the same time. She set up a network to support these women and today Kathie’s network of virtual assistants covers 12 countries servicing clients even further afield.

If any woman contacts her to say they could not work at home because of the children, she is quick to point out that as a mother of five daughters, her family were the very reason why she chose to make her business work at home. Winner of 8 awards for her business practice, Kathie not only provides secretarial and administrative support to small business owners, she also speaks publicly at events teaching people how to set up business at home.

Kathie’s blog assists both VAs and small business owners learn how they can work together successfully.

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