Technorati: 17 days, 3 complaints and still no response.

tn-logo.gifThis is just a short post from another frustrated Technorati user. Zoli wrote about it earlier in the week.

It appears as if Technorati is not able to cope with demand on any front at the moment. My blog has not been updated now for 17 days and 21 posts (not including this one). I have emailed them three times for help over the last two weeks and had no response.

I think the service idea is great, but the service is very bad. They are launching new services, let’s hope they will be better then the current one.

There is always hope it will get better someday, or is there?

Update (05/06): David the CEO of Technorati sorted it for me, thanks very much for that.

Tags: Blogging, Pingerati, Technorati

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