June 2006
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Day June 8, 2006

Ether Me, if you are willing to pay me!

A great tool for people to sell there advice on the phone.You register with them and they give you and extension number, you can set the rate your callers have to pay and then wait for the phone to ring. You need to put a call button on your website, so your callers can get registered and can get the number to call you on. Your callers will also be able to tell if you are online or not.

Credit Control – The OUCH Approach.

She is of the opinion that a vendor overstepped the mark, when he replied to a bulk-email from a client that he wanted to get a 12 month old invoice paid.It is not a nice thing to happen to you, when someone publicly asked to get paid.... If this vendor is still working with this client I think he deserves the situation he is in. It may also indicate to other vendors that there may be a problem, with this client.Cash flow is king for business, am I wrong?

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