Credit Control – The OUCH Approach.

Deborah Brown posted on BizInformer a post titled: “Burning Bridges“. She is of the opinion that a vendor overstepped the mark, when he replied to a bulk-email from a client and wanted to get a 12 month overdue invoice paid.

It is not a nice thing to happen to you, when someone publicly asks to get paid. But being owed money for 12 month is certainly a justification to ask to get paid anyway possible. After 12 month the lawyer should be dealing with this, in which case it would also be in the public domain.

I have to disagree with Deborah on this, businesses need to get paid, they are not banks for clients. I think it is the client who has burned the bridge. If this vendor is still working with this client I think he deserves the situation he is in. It may also indicate to other vendors that there may be a problem, with this client.

Cash flow is king for business, am I wrong?

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