Protect Our Internet – It is OUR Net!

Last year, the phone and cable companies convinced the Federal Communications Commission and the Courts to change how the Internet is operated, making a few unelected officials responsible for a decision with billions of dollars of impact for millions of Internet consumers.

This must be seen as another attempt, to marginalize consumers, small business and minority groups. It’s Our Net, is on of the web sites to inform you about these changes. If you live in the US you should make your voice heard, here are some of the consequences if you do not act:

If you are a consumer – a Mom looking for healthcare information to protect your family; a home-school parent using the Internet as part of your education plan; an email user staying in touch with your family and friends – you will have a degraded slower Internet experience with certain Web sites. Some Web sites will even be unavailable unless additional fees are paid.

Small Business
If you are a small business, you may not be able to survive online. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you may be impeded from providing the “next big thing” on the Internet.

Schools & Churches
If you are a small non-profit organization, like a church or a school, you may not be able to get your messages out to congregants or student families without paying more.

I am very pessimistic about this, since BIG business seems to get it’s way more often then not. It is a well known fact, that small business is not understood by politicians and government, yet it is more important to a nations wealth than all big businesses put together. But then small business does not pay for election campaigns, give loans or world cup tickets.

Maybe we need a wiki for every politician in the western world and keep records on their voting, so when they come to be re-elected, they have a public “record”! We could make them accountable.

Why do I always think about 1984, when these things go down?

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