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tompeters!Health Warning, the contents of this post is slightly addictive. I came across this guy some years back, on holiday, bored and I needed something to read. Yes I know it’s a bit sad, put then Tom found out that CEOs Are Idiots.

Anyway, among great books, you read while on holiday, like ” A Passion for Excellence ” and my favorite so far ” Re-imagine! “, you can now find his wisdom on his website / blog. He has been there for some time, but then CEOs Are Idiots ( Reason 2, see below ), so I can only tell you about this now.

2. CEOs Fail to Spend Hyper-aggressively on IS/IT; Fail to Follow “GameChanger” IS/IT Strategies; Fail to Put Their CIO on the Board of Directors; Fail to Fully Exploit the Web (Revolution Now!).
We all live in a Dell–Wal’Mart–eBay–Google world! All, apparently, except for ….those “idiot” CEOs. IS/IT is changing the world! Dramatically! Fast! A handful get it. (Most don’t.)

Part of the website, is his Project05, with his rants from Summer ’05. It makes a great read, well it’s a weekend, and I’m bored and I’m a CEO. You know by now CEOs Are …., what am I saying!?!

ENJOY tompeters e!paper

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