IP Convergence The Vodafone Way

vodafoneI wanted to upgrade my mobile phone yesterday. I have been a happy Vodafone customer for more then 10 years now. But lately the staff in my local shop changed, the service is not so friendly anymore and I “feel” that Vodafone really has lost it’s edge.

Anyway, I wanted a 3G phone, so I can use the higher data rate available with 3G, and leave my Vodafone 3G data-card at home and cancel the contract, in other words get it all in one little box, IP convergence. Every time I need to connect to the internet with my laptop, I do not have the card with me.

All went well, I found a phone really liked it, decided I was going to have the phone and then said I wanted the “unlimited” data-card service via my new phone. That’s were it all stopped. The phone has data services, but not the “same” data services as the data-card. I did not know that there is a “different kind” of IP data-service.

And to make the customer experience complete, I found out that the so it is called “unlimited” data-service on my existing data-card, it is not unlimited. I and Vodafone must use different Oxford dictionaries, I guess.

1. Having no restrictions or controls: an unlimited travel ticket.
2. Having or seeming to have no boundaries; infinite: an unlimited horizon.
3. Without qualification or exception; absolute: unlimited self-confidence.

To cut a long story short, no data-services for laptops for the same price as with the 3G card???

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