June 2006
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Day June 13, 2006

Homeworking Myth And Scams!

You ever got spam email telling you you can earn thousands from home with little work, etc., etc., well here is what Homeworking .com has to say about that:There is so much misinformation about working at home. So many signs on lamp posts or in newspapers screaming out and saying you can earn 100-1000 per week for just half an hour work a day!

Tax Deadline Email Alerts for UK Businesses

Business Link has a great Tax Deadline tool for small business in the UK.

Business Idea: Teleworking

Especially in very small companies every person counts.So if you are interested in doing some work on the side, to keep your skills and use them, then teleworking could be for you.[...]Telecommuting, telework, or working from home (WFH) is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours (within limits).... The Telework Association is a useful source for tips, courses and opportunities.If that does not work, set yourself up at home and sell yourself on the phone, internet, etc. Your earnings depend on your skills and experience.

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