June 2006
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Day June 14, 2006

Start Up Guides, Part 1 – What you should do before you start

It may be better to start off while still employed or if this is not an option at the very least have a well written and realistic business plan that you can present to your friendly bank manager when you ask for those start up funds. ...I referred briefly to doing a business plan in point three above, this is so very important, there is a saying, ‘no one plans to fail but they do fail to plan’, don’t fail to plan, do a business plan.Even in a simple plan you will at the very least need to identify:a) where you are nowb) where you want to be in 12 months timec) where you want to be in five years timed) How you get from a to b to cThe plan will once written need to be refined not only as your business progresses and changes but also as the market place and competition changes.Remember, although starting your own business can be hard work and very stressful it can also be very rewarding.Legal Disclaimer:The information contained in this blog site is of a general nature and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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