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Business Idea: Teleworking

Especially in very small companies every person counts.So if you are interested in doing some work on the side, to keep your skills and use them, then teleworking could be for you.[...]Telecommuting, telework, or working from home (WFH) is a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours (within limits).... The Telework Association is a useful source for tips, courses and opportunities.If that does not work, set yourself up at home and sell yourself on the phone, internet, etc. Your earnings depend on your skills and experience.

IP Convergence The Vodafone Way

I wanted to upgrade my mobile phone today. I have been a happy vodafone customer for more then 10 years now.

Something to Listen to – Dennis interviews Emily

If you rather want to listen to something, let's be honest, who wants to read about "idiot" CEOs, then why not visit Dennis Howlett's blog AccMan Pro and listen to his podcast " Pioneers of Innovation: Emily Coltman on implementing WinWeb AccountsOffice! "Emily's firm Cannon-Moorcroft are Gold Partners of WinWeb and have several installations of our AccountsOffice with clients.

Something to Read – Tom Peters Project05

Yes I know it's a bit sad, put then Tom found out that CEO's Are Idiots.Anyway, among great books, you read while on holiday, like " A Passion for Excellence " and my favorite so far " Re-imagine!", you can now find his wisdom on his website. He has been there for some time, but then CEO's Are Idiots - Reason 2, so I can only tell you about this now.Part of the website, is his Project05, with his rants from Summer '05.

Protect Our Internet – It is OUR Net!

Last year, the phone and cable companies convinced the Federal Communications Commission and the Courts to change how the Internet is operated, making a few unelected officials responsible for a decision with billions of dollars of impact for millions of Internet consumers.

The Web Is The No.1 Information Media – That IS important to you.

[...]In my mind, you have to engage with the internet on several levels, your website should be the starting point and then you begin to add features like: Feedback Forms, so clients can let you know what they think on a basic level;Newsletter Sign Up Form, so you can communicate news to your clients;Discussion Forum, this allows you to have a online discussion with clients about your products / services;Blog, this is another way to engage your clients in conversation;Wiki, another great way to collaborate with clients online;Live 24hr Support Chat, to allow for real time problem solving.All these are essential, if you are to engage with your clients as business partners.... By taking a very small business infrastructure approach, with WinWeb OnlineOffice, you can offer all these services to your clients out of the box.Treat your clients as what they are, your most important business PARTNERS.

Ether Me, if you are willing to pay me!

A great tool for people to sell there advice on the phone.You register with them and they give you and extension number, you can set the rate your callers have to pay and then wait for the phone to ring. You need to put a call button on your website, so your callers can get registered and can get the number to call you on. Your callers will also be able to tell if you are online or not.

Credit Control – The OUCH Approach.

She is of the opinion that a vendor overstepped the mark, when he replied to a bulk-email from a client that he wanted to get a 12 month old invoice paid.It is not a nice thing to happen to you, when someone publicly asked to get paid.... If this vendor is still working with this client I think he deserves the situation he is in. It may also indicate to other vendors that there may be a problem, with this client.Cash flow is king for business, am I wrong?

You should pay your customers!

Even if you don't, at least the customer knows you did care.It is always nice to hear from customers who like your service, but you do not learn anything from a conversation like that, unless your customers come up with the "I love your service, BUT....."... It shows you that your clients care about your business and products or services enough, to wanting to help you.Don't ask your clients to sign long term contracts, with notice periods, etc., give them a cancel anytime, no contract needed relationship, it saves you money, overheads, and forces your organization to focus on your clients.

Start Up Guides

What next .........Before we commence I would like to deal with the Legal Disclaimer:The information contained in this blog site is of a general nature and is not a substitute for professional advice.... Therefore no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material can be accepted by the authors,the firm or this site.Furthermore, we are not responsible for the content of the websites to which we have provided links, they are merely for reference purposes.

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