Bollywoodbay – its a story of ebay meets east

This is a great story of how the internet is enabling more and more people to set up and run their own businesses.

This story really caught my attention, it proves that a true entrepreneur will find a business opportunity even when they should be enjoying a wedding.

Renu Kapila who is a Business and IT graduate had the idea for her new business while getting ready for a friends wedding.

‘I was getting ready for a friends wedding, putting on all the finishing touches, and I was done. I looked around me and I was surrounded and fascinated by the wonderful, colourful women adorned in Indian attire, right down to the very last bindi! I was mesmerised by how beautiful everyone could look, the time, effort and planning taken to get everything right, not over looking anything.

What an idea to be able to have all this and much more at a click of a button ……?’

And so Renu had the concept of her new venture, Bollywood Bay, I guess essentially its An Asian version of eBay.

I wonder Renu, are you using Winweb for your accounting needs, if not give me a call.

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