What is a blog?

It struck me today when talking to my younger sister that there are still a lot of people who don't know what a blog is.

I then saw what Graham had posted on his blog about the differences between a blog and a 'static' website, I won't reproduce what he has to say, but please go and have a look. Graham Salmon is a blogging accountant from Manchester, only up the motorway from me as it happens.

Although strictly speaking a blog is an online diary, I personally think it lends itself to being much more when used as by a business to interact with it's clients/customers.

Take The Small Business Blog for example, some of the posting are an online diary, like this one which was spurred on by a conversation I had, but other postings are intended to be more informative like the Start Up Guides, but unlike a static brochure type website this medium gives everyone the opportunity to interact, post comments and ask questions.

So, maybe some people will continue to use a blog as an online diary open for all to see, just as some businesses will continue to use a static brochure website, while others will combine the two and create an interactive website that not only tells everyone about you but also tells everyone what you are thinking and doing, and in return lets your (potential) clients/customers interact with you and your business.

An example of how such a medium like a blogging website can change relationships for the better is the example of how some clients perceive their relationship with their accountant, it is often said:

'My accountant doesn't listen to me.'

If he/she has a blog they no longer have a choice, because if they doesn't listen to you then chances are everyone else will, and this in turn will force them to change their ways, or join the Dodo.

Maybe it's time that you thought about a blog of your own, whether you add it to your corporate website of leave it as a stand alone site.

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