Be careful what you blog about …

Previously I have mentioned the benefits of a blog, today I am going to point to a potentially huge downside.

On Wednesday 19 July the BBC ran a story on it's website about a British secretary who was sacked by her bosses for having a blog. The blog is petite anglaise and is her online diary about life in France with her three year old daughter, but unfortunately mention was made to her 'office life'.

In her postings she has referred to one of her bosses as 'very old school' with a 'plumy Oxbridge accent', and I guess this must have upset someone.

Since going public on her dismissal support has flooded in for this working single mother of one.

I won't get into the debate of who is right or wrong on this, but, the blog has been running for a little over two years and in that time has built up a loyal following of some 3,000 readers daily!

Now, the 'old school' firm which has been linked to this sacking also has a website, a static brochure site, I wonder if their site receives such a large number of regular daily visitors, I know mine doesn't?

Since the news of the sacking went on the net the readership of the blog has increased to such an extent that the servers have on several occasions been overloaded and resulted in the site being redirected to prevent other blogger's sites crashing, now that is a lot of traffic!

There is a saying there is no such thing as bad publicity, I disagree!  Just read some of the comments of support, glad I didn't sack her!

We are entering a brave new world, and technology, including that on the internet is a big part of that, but I guess some just won't make it ……

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