SBI – Small Business Infrastructure

“What is Small Business Infrastructure?” is the question put to me these days more and more, and “Why do we need it?” is the next. So I will centre a lot of my future posts around this issue.

In the last 10 years the internet has changed our daily lives in every respect, be it personal or business. To “google” is now a verb in the Oxford Dictionary, we spend billions online and stay in touch with our friends via email, chat and VoIP.

Starting, running and growing a small business has also changed, especially with the introduction of SaaS – Software as a Service. Utilising this kind of technology to build a complete Small Business Infrastructure™, is only a small technological step, but with big consequences for small business.

Small Business Infrastructure™ simplifies starting, running and growing a small business, no matter what kind of business you have, home-based, mobile, small office, or high street.

It is a myth to believe that you will get everything right when you start a new business. Small Business Infrastructure™ allows you to run your business full-time or as a side business, while you still work full-time, all this with an over-head budget of about £ 50 – 75 per month, while you test the water and keep your job. No need to borrow money and give your house as collateral, rent an office or hire staff.

Even when you made a good start, growing a business is always a dangerous time, renting offices and employing staff, puts an enormous burden on you business finances. You need to plan for these and find out how you can minimise the financial dangers to your business.

A highly integrated, low cost Small Business Infrastructure™ centered around the entrepreneurs is needed to:

  • Remove business start-up barriers, by dealing with government red-tape;
  • Create a safe “Business by Trail and Error” environment, and allowing the entrepreneur to realign and change business processes and models to develop a successful business, or even start again, without risking his/her financial future;
  • Providing a low fixed cost infrastructure and a “pay as you go” outsourcing environment;
  • Utilise existing business expertise in form of business advisor accountants, to minimise small business mortality, due to business planning mistakes or unrealistic goals;
  • Use SaaS – Software as a Service technology to integrate all the above for real time advice, including 24/7 live support;
  • Utilise SaaS as a conduit to provide big business services to small business at large volume pricing;
  • and leverage open source software as competitive advantage for small business, where the SaaS vendor provides 24/7 support for the open source software.

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