August 2006
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Day August 8, 2006

SaaS – Only for small business?

You will end up with companies outsourcing their IT departments, nobody cares about, if you use MS-SQL Server or MySQL server, Hardware will be shared by application or users, applications can easily be customised or tailored by plugins, with open APIs even clients could produce tailored code, etc.At this point Guy is right, deliver the software in a different way and the boxed software value model falls apart.... Any blogger should know a big marketing budged is not the end to all means.If I had to take the same decision again about the SAP installation, it would have been different, with half the money and the same amount of work I would have had the same system, 20 % proprietary software, 50 % OSS and the rest PHP scripting and Java.

SaaS, the Holy Grail?

OSS is still here, so if you give it away, like we do with AccountsOffice, then there is NO price war, or is there?I hope for the big boys that they are better then this, because if they are not, then time is really up.What the software industry is really worried about is loss of control over the customer.... And let me be clear about this, they do not only correspond to customization.A few weeks back I was encouraged by an interview Dennis did with Sage's Paul Sobart, when it is mentioned:Service and support represents the powerful glue where we can provide customers with the right level of expertiseBravo, almost right, it should have been:Service and support represents the powerful glue where we can provide customers with the right level of expertise and we can learn from our customers how to make our product better and more relevantWhile I am only interested in the very small business aspect of all this, I can't help to think that mid-size business and even large corps.

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