BT – Bringing things together NOT!

logo_75x36Here a little example how small business gets dumped on by big business.
BT – British Telecom cut all my telephone lines off. I work mainly from home and they disconnected all my lines. Response so far:

We don’t not know what happened (!), BUT we are sorry. And nobody can come to see you until Thursday.

That was Tuesday. This is business reality 21st century England. Just to make this point, these are business lines, not private customer circuits. They are short staffed! Two ISDN-2e lines (four channels) down and they can not do anything for three days?!

The people I spoke to had no help to offer, I had to ask them to divert all my calls to my mobile, they had to find out if that was possible!?! Do these people get any training anymore? Does BT care what they do to their customers? Why is the customer service so bad? When they say “We are sorry!”, why does it sound like an insult and “We don’t give a s***!”?

“We don’t know what happened!” How can you get any comfort out of a statement like this? If they really don’t know, then BT is in even more trouble then even I can imagine. Or they will not tell you the truth, which is even worth. But either way, you will not know when this nightmare is over and you remain in limbo.

I was commenting on a ROI discussion on Dennis’ Blog earlier today. How do you ROI the services from a supplier like BT!

Can I ask anyone who knows me and has skype to email me their skype details!

BTW, all you BT people out there I would love to hear from you on this blog. You are using skype yet?

09.08.2006 UPDATE: BT came today, it turns out they did not know what the problem was! Why? Well the telephone line connected to my phone system was not ISDN and it was not my number. We found this out by establishing that the D-channel was missing that was why BT believed the line was there, when it was somewhere else.

They will go back and “try” to find my circuit, but can not tell when it will be found.

Since I have a VoIP telephone system I have now used the ADSL (Internet) line, to connect to the outside world for out going calls, but incoming is still diverted to my mobile.

OH, I almost forgot, they are SORRY!

11.08.2006 UPDATE: My phone is working again.

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