New Zealand – New Thinking.

Before my meeting with Steve yesterday, I was interviewed on behalf of the Government of New Zealand, asking my opinion about doing business with New Zealand. We have several hundred New Zealand customers and I have been involved with my export activities with that region for a number of years.

What became clear from our conversation was, that New Zealand as a whole, is thinking about it’s place in the World in terms of business and live-style. European Governments, sit up and take note ” …. and live-syle!

One other point caught my attention, and that is the notion, that entrepreneurship is hampered by the worry about failure. This is a fact I encounter very often when I am speaking at events or directly to entrepreneurs. One could just say: ” Don’t worry about that, life is too short!”, but that would not do it justice.

Success is a staircase of failures.

And to tell you the truth without failure, you can never build a really successful business. Let us look at this from a different point of view.

If someone comes up to you and says: ” Hey I like your product, it’s great.” What can you learn from that?

But if someone comes up to you and says: ” I don’t like your product, because…..!” Now you are learning, right?

Right, but this person also thinks you have failed in one way or another (!), yet this failure will move you forward. In other words you need to fail in order to provide a product or service that clients want to pay for. And sometimes the failure may be “catastrophic” for your business model, that does not mean it has to be catastrophic for you.

Once you include the possibility of “failure” in your business model, and act accordingly, you will not really FAIL. The only time you really fail, is if you give up yourself.

If New Zealand can find a way to teach their entrepreneurs to succeed with their “failures” and maintain a happy life-style, an ecologically sound and socially tolerant business environment, the whole world could benefit. I believe New Zealand to be in an almost unique position, to do this.

Let’s have it. New Zealand, New Thinking.

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