Traditional Media vs. Bloggers.

Things must be getting pretty painful for the traditional media judging by the latest onslaught on bloggers and mobile phone journalists. It is asserted by a growing number of “professional” journalists and photographers, that these amateurs do not produce work of a high enough technical standard to be taken seriously.

Furthermore their training has not been adequate, many of the “amateur” photographers do not know which pictures are worth taking and bloggers can not produce original, unbiased and objective work.

IMO bloggers in many instances are better informed and educated about the subject matter of their blogs and pictures taken by mobile phones, however technical inferior, are more relevant to a news story.

What really gets me going is these people who live off the freedom of speech, now try to curtail the new online media, with these infantile arguments.

Here it is, these bloggers make up about 70% of the information sources I use and they are here to stay. The traditional media has a lot of work to do to gain my trust again and this unprovoked onslaught is not helpful. Bloggers may be biased and have an agenda, but at least they know what they are talking about.

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