Outsourcing for small business.

Dennis wrote a post ” You’ve been outsourced“, and asked the question what our end game would be. Well after two years of trying to get trough to the accounting profession that they need to evolve and become more than accountants for small business, I have to admit defeat, it is very hard work.

In the last few weeks and months I have had discussions with my Gold Partners and other business partners to determine our way forward.

The result is simple: We will outsource some of our client’s service needs to our new service centre. This will have a profound impact on the pricing structure of our Live! services.

It is my aim to offer OnlineOffice, Call Handling, Fax-number, Bookkeeping, Website Maintenance, Debt Control, Business Address and Mail Handling from less than GBP 80 (USD 160) per month for a five user license.

I will try and talk to all of our accountant partners in the next few months and determine our relationship with each of our existing and new accounting partners based on their ability to be an active and effective part of our Small Business Infrastructure and help to reduce small business mortality.

I am unhappy about the number of businesses going out of business within the first year of business. Some accountants and most surprisingly banks seem to think this is a “God given fact”!

Well, I beg to differ!

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