Accountants vs. Business Mentors

What is it your business really needs an accountant or a business advisor, let’s look at it!

Your accountant will help you to prepare your annual income statement with which you will have a past look at your business. You will need this information to fill your tax statement, find out if your business is worth running – if you made or lost money. Maybe you decide to grow or close your business. Your accountant can also help you to prepare documentation to give to your bank to get a loan for your business.

But is that really what your business needs? Does your accountant take the time to find out if you really need that loan, or if you really need to close your business or just make some changes to the way you run your business, like outsource some of your non-essential business processes, let your employees work from home and with that reduce the fixed cost in your business. Have someone play the devil’s advocate with your business plan.

Your business needs a future before you need to worry about the past.

Unfortunately most accountants don’t “deal” in the future, they only look at the past performance of your business. This is where Business Advisors or Business Mentors come in. They are all about the future and the planning there of – that is what your business needs.

Importantly you need someone to give you good advice based on facts when you need it, not after you sent your papers or data-disk. By then your problem could be out of control or the opportunity gone. The only way to do that is by using an on-demand online system.

If your accountants starts talking to you about balance sheet and P & L, before he/she talks about cash-flow, do yourself and your business a favor – get up and leave and find a new advisor. The truth is most accountants have the same problems running their business as you have with your own.

But if you’re really lucky you could find a Business Advisor Accountant, then you would have found the best possible partner for success in your business adventure for the future and the past.

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