Go Green, Go SaaS

Isn’t it funny how much we talk about global warming these days. It entered our daily consciousness with a vengeance, that is the “normal” people in the street. Even our politicians woken up to the fact that “something” – I’m not sure they know what – is going on.

While most businesses still wonder what it all means, small business can really generate hard cash benefits from going green. Just letting your employees work from home and outsource some non essential business processes, your business, your employees and the environment win.

It is not only that more employees would like more flexible working hours to spend more quality time with their kids and family, but they would save a lot of money and time by not commuting to the office every day. Your business also benefits by lower overheads (office rent, insurance, heating, capital investments, etc.), which will improve your bottom line no end.

The same effect it true when you outsource, it allows you to tap into the VA – Virtual Assistant market of highly trained and professional people working from home. Your business will receive a high level of expertise if and when you need it, at a fraction of the cost. This will get you better results at a fraction of the cost, variable cost not fixed cost, again giving your business a better bottom line performance (profit).

Last but not least, we all win with these strategies, less cars on the road, less congestion, less carbon emissions, less global warming.

SaaS, webware – call it what you want – can help to achieve these goals with ease. It will also get your business a lot of good will with your clients, since at least the consumer is now environmentally aware.

When is your business going green, start saving the planet and increase your bottom line – it’s easy!

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