Hobby or Lifestyle Business?

Jeff Cornwall writes about how the IRS is making life difficult for small business in the US. Well what is new about government “helping” us all along in one direction or the other. Anyway the opening sentences got me thinking:

The best sources of ideas for businesses comes from your experiences and interests. Many great businesses have been built out of hobbies and other passions. Often these businesses start very small, as what some call “lifestyle” businesses that eventually create a little income. Over time, the entrepreneur is able to transition from a few evenings and weekends to a full-time business.

This is so true, but what is being done to help this transition, pretty little. The usual stuff of, you should be an accountant, lawyer and everything else before you start – oh and apparently, you will need a loan from a bank – maybe you even need a degree to go into business? Think again.

If one thing is clear from Jeff’s lines, it is that there is another way, the slow and low risk way of getting into business. Start your business as a hobby, but be professional and very low cost about it. See where it takes you before you commit your and your families future to it.

Talk to a Business Advisor about your idea, plan your business venture and have fun with the opportunity of a different and more rewarding work-life. Maybe, just maybe, one day you would enjoy learning more about the “technical” aspects of running a business successfully, do some courses or even a degree.

What we really do not need is the lifestyle business prevention measures from the likes of the IRS and others. But then who ever said that “civil servants” or politicians know what is good for you or the country?

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