Blogging Roundup – 2007.05.18

Blogs I read and posts I liked, have a look:

From Phil Wainewright:

The webification of advertising – great piece, I am thinking about it.
SaaS integration without the lock-in – Not convinced for my market sector, for IT people great.
McKinsey says buy SaaS – People are getting it – finally.

From Dennis Howlett:

Where are the accountants at OpenCoffee? – What a surprise, am I shocked – not really!
Great projects, great clients – These are the ones that move industries forward.

From Vinnie Mirchandani:

The Genius of Marc Benioff – I’m not sure it ends there, SaaS and real services is the future (SaaSaS).

From David Maisters:

Do you have a trusted Advisor? – UK accountants should read this, can’t wait for the results!
Who or What is the Firm For? – Interesting question, I’ll will ask this in the SME context later.
Good to Good – That would be my clients then, most of them want to pay bills, not buy a jet!

From Zoli Erdos:

TiEcon 2007: The new face of entrepreneurship – It’s time to retire at my age!

From Jeff Cornwell:

Liability Reform and Small Business – didn’t I mention politicians before?
Impact of Over Regulation – Good for Kentucky and Maryland.
Business or Hobby? – This was where I mentioned the politicians before!

From Damian Wild:

Why young entrepreneurs don’t trust accountants – only Business Link is worse!

From Evan Carmichael:

Make yourself look big – great advice for small business.
4 Tips to Choosing a Business Name – just make sure you check for trademarks, etc.
Ways To Bootstrap Your Business – I have been saying this for years.
There is lots more of good advice for small business on this site and they will link back to you – should you have a blog – if you do a write up about them – good idea, see below.

This list does not represent any kind of judgement or preference, it is simply a list of posts I enjoyed. If you feel you have something my the small business community should know about email me or request a LinkBack.

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