Has software value?

It is curious, I get a lot of questions why we give some of our software away for free? Some are suspicious, others are unnerved by our approach to distribute our software.

Well to begin with the question is wrong, because we give all our software away, we in reality only charge for hosting and associated costs, such as our 24×7 support, bandwidth use, hard disk space, etc.! So I guess the real question should be has software value?

Let me start by reiterating that we provide services for the small business sector, the smallest end of this spectrum being self-employed, lifestyle businesses, home businesses, small offices, start-ups up to 50 people companies. These guys get little “percived” value from buying accounting software, so they don’t. This market sector has always been impossible to service, not so anymore.

On-Demand Software + On-Demand Services + 24 hr Support & Advice = SBI

Having said that, we are all about providing a Small Business Infrastructure (SBI), that means using on-demand software (SaaS, web-ware, Web 2.0, etc.) to provide on-demand services, 24×7 support, business advice and intelligence, business compliance and other benefits to our clients.

Our aim is to drastically reduce the mortality rate among the small business community.

So in the end we do only see value in our software because it enables us to provide services to our clients. Ergo, we do not belief that the software by itself has a great deal of value. We allow other companies to offer our software products white labeled to their small business clients on very favorable terms, so they can afford to give the software to their clients for free (including OnlineOffice), after all who hasn’t a customer churn problem these days.

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