Success or Failure – Who cares?

We are human, we all learn from our mistakes. Yet in business having a failure is still a stigma for most people, more problematic is the financial impact a business failure has and it creates a number of barriers to starting a new business.

This is a counter-productive situation, just when you “learned a lesson”, it is made difficult or even impossible for you to get it right the next time.This presumably because you have shown publicly that you have made a mistake, so you could make another or even the same mistake again. Most people deny making mistakes exactly for this reason, but the reality is we ALL make mistakes, I certainly do.

Small Business Infrastructure – Grow your success, contain your failure.

So how can you survive this initial “trying to get it right phase”, even if it goes wrong? You could use our Small Business Infrastructure – SBI to test drive your business and later grow it more safely into your success story.

SBI allows you to stay compliant, grow you business in an business friendly and supportive environment, outsource non-core business processes, save on overheads and capital investments and enables you to run your business on a shoestring. This allows you to try a business idea, work at it without having to quite your job or break the bank.

Being able to fail without serious consequences means you can try again, increasing your chance to create a business that can last and succeed.

So – whatever you are planning – working from home, turning a hobby into a business, you are a mum and want to work for a few hours a week or you are still working but have this idea, that might work, then give it a go.

Do it on a shoestring, no long term commitments, leases, employees – just you, your idea and WinWeb’s Small Business Infrastructure.

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